For Teachers: Why Should I Communicate With Parents?


As a teacher you are busy. It is overwhelming to learn new tools, new teaching styles, new curriculum every day. There is no time in the day to add on to that workload. So why should you take the time out to communicate with parents, especially when it is tough to reach the parents that need the most help.

Why should I communicate with parents?

Parents can help and share your load - in more ways than you can think of

  • The biggest benefit is to enable conversations at home about school and learning. It shows students that school is important to parents, tightens the bond between families and directly helps with behavior. 
  • Parents can help extend the learning day but they do not know how. In today's rapidly changing world, learning how to learn, in and out of school, is the most valuable skill to teach a child. Let parents help.
  • Students tend to wait till the last moment on assignments and projects and then miss dates or perform poorly on tests, resulting in more work for you. Keeping parents in the loop can help with reminders.
  • Parents can help directly with any class or project supplies that you need or any classroom/ field trip support. Putting up a signup list allows parents to help even when they cannot come to school.

What can I post? Easily and quickly? 

  • Enable conversations: Upload pictures, send home some questions parents can ask their kids.
  • Extend learning day: Recommend apps to use, description of study units and ways to supplement at home.
  • Send reminders: Send important dates about upcoming tests, assignments, and projects.
  • Ask for help with materials or volunteering: Post sign up lists for anything from tissues to project supplies

Here’s how ParentSquare helps

  • ParentSquare keeps up with the multitude of communication styles used by parents, so you do not need to.
  • Parents are busy just like you. ParentSquare pushes your posts in their inboxes and phones, rather than just making it available on a portal.

With ParentSquare, your post is automatically delivered to each parent the way they prefer - email, text or app notification, in the language they want, and the time they want.

Where to begin
It is simple to start. Just log on and click New Post. Watch a video on how to post here.