7 Tips to Growing Great Kids: #4 (Part 1&Part 2) Integrity String/F.I.X.

This is a guest post by Robert Bourgault, or “Mr. B.” as he is widely known. Mr. B has been an educator for more than 30 years and has held multiple positions including: Teacher, Counselor, Administrator, Adjunct Professor, and even volunteer Fire Fighter. Currently, he is the Executive Director of Almond Acres Charter Academy in San Miguel, CA. He developed the “Formation of Learning Framework” with the purpose to “Affirm, Stretch, and Celebrate” the unique capabilities of every learner. This philosophy asserts that each child can develop positive and productive habits that will ultimately make them great leaders and terrific citizens.

7 Tips to Growing Great Kids: #4 (Part 1) Integrity String

Raising a wholesome child requires a foundation built on integrity. Watch this 2 minute to learn how parents can explain and cultivate integrity on the journey to growing great kids!

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7 Tips to Growing Great Kids: #4 (Part 2) F.I.X.

Failure is a fact of life, but how we teach our kids to bounce back from breakdowns in integrity? It’s as simple was following the acronym: F.I.X. Check out this quick tip to find out more!