Teacher/ Admin Tip #7: Set up your class or group calendar

Help parents keep up to date on projects, field trips or class celebrations by creating a class calendar. 

If you are a group owner, you can set up a calendar for that group too
Here’s how you set it up.

  • Click on your class on the sidebar on ParentSquare home page. 
  • Select ‘Class Calendar’ tab 
  • Click on a date on the calendar or click ‘Create an Event’ button   
  • Fill in the information for your event in 'Add a Calendar Entry' pop-up.
  • Click Submit.  


No email will go out for this post, it will only be on your calendar


Parents can now view all of their class, school and group events on the main school calendar. 

Events on main school calendar are only shown if you are part of that class or group. 

Follow the screen shots below for help.