Teacher/ Admin Tip #6: How to ensure your newsletters will be read

We know you work hard on those weekly newsletters and we want parents to read them. Here are three options that will help you make that happen: 

Option 1.The best way to get your families to read the information is to embed the text into the post.  Copy your text from your word processing program and paste it directly into the body of the post.  When an email is sent to the parent, they will be able to view your text in their email.  You can always encourage them to appreciate or comment by clicking the link.

Option 2. Another way to send it out is to attach your newsletter to your post. If you have a formatted newsletter, this is a good option because you can’t simply copy and paste. Remember to write a little something before you attach the file, something that makes the parent want to click the link to view it. Note: Attach as a .pdf if you can so all parents can view it, looks better on smart phones too.

Option 3. Lastly, some teachers like to save their file as a picture or .jpg file so it shows up on the screen as a picture and the parent can click on it and view it like an image. Again, remember to type a little note to encourage the parent to click on the link in the email they receive.

Follow the screen shots below for help.