Teacher/ Admin Tip #5: Add users in ParentSquare with an email or cell phone number

Conference week is approaching in many schools. It is a great opportunity to talk to your families about ParentSquare and get them signed up if they are not. Did you know that you can invite parents to ParentSquare using their cell phone number if they do not use email? Here’s how: 

  1. Click on Admin menu and select Users from the drop down menu
  2. Make sure Parents tab is selected.
  3. Fill in the information. If you have a cell phone number, click No email? under the email field and a cell phone field will be shown.
  4. Click Invite.

An invitation email or text is sent to the user right away. Follow the screen shot below for help.

Currently cell phone users receive a text message at the end of the day notifying them of any new messages. 

We are working on an enhancement where they will receive an alert with the message subject right away if they are on ‘instant’ notification setting.