Parent Engagement Insights | March 2018

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The word of the month is "Proactive"


At ParentSquare, we choose our word of the month to focus our team energy on a practice we want to follow, or a change we wish to bring about. ‘Proactive' as opposed to ‘Reactive’ is about anticipating a need and reaching out in an attempt to prevent or influence a situation by anticipating what may happen and by taking care of it now.

School safety and security, while always important, is at the centerpiece of many conversations. Be proactive and invite your parents to be proactive as well, helping them engage with their children, by giving them conversation starters, so they can talk, listen and help.

Food For Thought

School Safety: 5 Things You Can Do To Prepare Your Community
With the national conversations surrounding school safety, we wanted to share with you this resource on communication best practices for schools and districts. Here are 5 things you can do to prepare your community.


5 Strategies for Effective Parent Engagement Using Today's Technology

5 Strategies for Effective Parent Engagement Using Today's Technology
We've all heard that the more parents are involved in the education process, the better the chances of success are for their children. Take a look at these 5 strategies to help improve parent engagement using today's technology.



Report: Parents value engagement, but say schools fall short
According to research, parents rate family and community engagement as the most important driver of satisfaction with their child’s school. Read this article by District Administration to see what parents had to say about their overall satisfaction with the school.

Case Study

Problem: MIT Academy was not satisfied with their old mass communication dialer and was in search of a new tool that would help them better reach and engage parents. 
Solution: MIT Academy adopted ParentSquare spring of 2017 and within the first school year, they had two school lockdowns, and fortunately, no one was harmed. With ParentSquare, MIT Academy reached 100% of parents in both urgent situations. Hear the story from Director Matt Smith. Read More >> 


“ParentSquare is a fantastic technology and a real game-changer for communication during an emergency. We are very glad we brought ParentSquare on board, it's been an amazing technology for everyone-our administration, our teachers, our staff, and most importantly our parents."
- Matt Smith, Director

Product Highlights
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Send an Urgent Alert in less than 10 Secs!
Now on the ParentSquare iOS app, create and send Urgent Smart Alerts with just a few taps. This urgent alert reaches families immediately via mobile phone text, email, and voice. 



Smart Two-Way Translation
Now, every direct message you send goes out in the family’s preferred language AND when parents write back in their native language, the message gets translated right back into English. See it live here.

Upcoming Webinars

Dashboard - Reach and Deliverability
March 15, 2018 | 11:30a PST
Join us and take a deep dive into what it means to truly reach 100% of your families. See how you can utilize ParentSquare's data dashboards to see reach and engagement. This 30-minute webinar will show you how the analytics on ParentSquare can help improve parent engagement. 
Register Now >>


Attendance Notifications
March 27, 2018 | 11:30 am PST
The costs of unexcused student absences add up quickly. Join us to learn how ParentSquare's attendance notifications help parents excuse any absences instantly at the touch of a finger and helps your staff save countless hours on attendance. This webinar will look at notifications, parent notes, daily reports and much more. Register Now >>

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