Oct 2012: ParentSquare gets a new face and more

ParentSquare home is sporting a brand new look. We have worked hard on it and hope you love it! Check it out (You may need to sign out). We would love to hear what you think!

A warm welcome to our latest school in Cambridge, Vassal Lane Upper School. Yeah!! We are growing thanks to your support and referrals - you can only imagine how good that feels! Please help us spread to other schools across the country by referring ParentSquare to a friend. Find the ‘Refer a School’ link in the footer or click here: http://www.parentsquare.com/referrals/new.

A useful new feature allows any user who can view a message to provide translation for the message. If you would like your message to be translated, check the box that says ‘Allow message viewers to translate text’ when writing the message.

And in case you haven’t already noticed, here are some of the other features we added over the past few days.

  • Bold, Italics and Underlined text: Answering a number of requests, now you can send long messages that are very readable!
  • Permissions: Principals and Admins can now assign permissions to users within ParentSquare to post to the entire school and more. Find it under Admin > Manage User Permissions
  • Website Buttons: If you need a ParentSquare button for your school website that directly takes users to ParentSquare, look in the footer for ‘ParentSquare Buttons’ or click here: https://www.parentsquare.com/buttons

Other minor fixes that went out include

  • Better support for Internet Explorer though we still recommend you use one of the other modern browsers: Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera
  • 'Add to Calendar' should work seamlessly now
  • Took out support for rich text editor on iPad due to some iOS issues