Fill up those committee positions fast

Fill up those committee positions fast or help members collaborate in existing committees. If you are looking for members to join your annual fundraiser efforts or planning your next year’s PTA positions, create a ParentSquare group and ask parents to join. Any ParentSquare member at school can now join ‘Public’ groups.Once you have filled all the positions, you can even lock the group by marking it ‘Private’ to keep all group communications within the group.

ParentSquare groups help members collaborate by keeping conversation threads and important dates organized plus you get a place to upload and store all your relevant documents. Only group members can post message and receive emails when others post. 

Here are some ideas for ParentSquare groups

Teachers Setup a group to enable teachers within your school to discuss ideas and share content.

Executive Board Private group enables the executive board to keep track of board discussions, and events, from beginning to end - all in one place.

Room Parents/ PTA Promote discussions and bring more interaction to the room parents at your school.

Office Staff With dates, events, forms and fliers all in one place, nothing gets lost and the school always know where things are.

School Play/ Music/ Band Organize your after-school/ speciality group in ParentSquare to not just communicate but also enable like-minded parents to collaborate.

Math Super Bowl/ Spelling Bee/ Geography Bee Help new team members learn from pros, coordinate tests, practices and even post results.

Annual Fundraiser/ Jogathon Easily plan your fundraisers, keep track of milestones and progress using a ParentSquare group.

Here are some other interesting groups we found on ParentSquare