Announcing Polls and Questions

We wanted to let you know about two exciting new features available from ParentSquare. 


Want parent input?  Now principals, teachers or administrative staff can easily run polls for a class, grade, group or even the entire school with our new poll capability!  Parents can vote and provide feedback anonymously!

Find out how to run your own poll and how to vote under ParentSquare help.


Parents can now ask questions of their principal or teacher by clicking a new link on the school’s home page.  The exciting part is that when the principal or teacher replies to the questions, they will have the option to respondpublicly (so others can benefit) or privately. If marked public, question asker’s identity is masked.

Public replies from the principal will be accessible by the whole school, public answers from the teachers will only be accessible by that class.  Learn more about questions under ParentSquare help.

We believe you will love these new features.  Not only do they allow for better communication, but they also support your schools efforts towards LCFF/ LCAP compliance!  We would appreciate any feedback you may have on these or any other tools so that we can better meet your needs.