Andrews ISD: Streamlined Online and Mobile App Boosts Parent Engagement


Andrews ISD is located in Andrews, Texas. The district is comprised of 6 schools and serves more than 4,000 K-12 students.



Andrews ISD had too many communication methods and inconsistencies between many school sites. At the administrative level, Andrews ISD had been using an outdated robocall system and at the teacher level, teachers were adopting a variety of free tools to reach parents or using no tools at all. Andrews ISD wanted something that could help streamline all school-to-home communication for a more consistent approach.


The district selected ParentSquare to provide a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for all Andrews ISD staff, parents and teachers. ParentSquare provided Andrews ISD with an online and mobile app that allowed the district, the schools within the districts, and all teachers to effectively and efficiently communicate with their families.

Switching over to ParentSquare has been the best decision for our district. The bridge between the elementary, junior and high level is very apparent. We’re reaching 98% of families in our district and our parent engagement levels at all our school sites are higher than ever!
— Dennis Haynie, Director of Technology



The robust online and mobile app provides Andrews ISD staff and teachers with real-time access to all families, enabling more opportunities for parent reach and engagement. Full data-analytics and reports also meant full visibility to all conversations and engagement with families. Having one system for all communication was a key reason Andrews ISD selected ParentSquare.