[Checklist] Administrator's Checklist for Choosing a Communication Platform

Choosing a new parent communication platform can feel daunting. You may be unsure what kind of tool is best for your school or what questions you need to address with a new potential vendor. 

If you're currently evaluating parent communication platforms, use the checklist below to guide you through choosing the right platform for your school.


  1. Does the tool offer an integrated app, mass notification and classroom communication solution?
  2. Will all stakeholders - administrators, teachers and staff - be able to communicate with parents and students?
  3. Does the tool help you manage and automate workflows such as forms, conferences, and more?

Cost & Value

  1. Will the tool help increase teacher and parent satisfaction? Will they become fans?
  2. Does the solution help you maintain your school’s branding?
  3. What exactly will you be getting for the price you are paying? Is there an upgrade path for later?

Download the printable checklist here:

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