5 Strategies for Effective Parent Engagement Using Today's Technology


1. Build your School Culture

Parents tend to be more involved if they perceive that staff and students want and expect their involvement.

Friendly technology, adopted for whole-school-use, can tilt the needle towards ensuring that everyone feels like part of one big family working towards a common goal.

2. Communicate and Build Relationships

You need to interact to have a relationship. Move beyond one-way alerts into two-way engagement.

This is easiest done with technology. Tools allow safe, private two-way communication, or not, as needed dramatically reducing the number of incidents.

3. Leverage the Efficacy of Parents

Give parents the tools and information they need to be effective at improving learning outcomes.

Technology can help you reach parents where they are - automatically sending via text, app, email, web, phone, social - translating messages in the language they want.

4. Empower Family Participation

Allow families to partake in activities and decision-making enabing them to make their opinion known.

Use today’s tools to allow parents to do school business all online - sign up for conferences, sign permission slips and make payments, or even participate in polls.

5. Collaborate with Community

Find ways to extend the core curriculum beyond the classroom for experiential learning and giving back.

Technology offers a conduit that can flow from your community, through the classroom, and into the home. Flexible groups aid organization and sharing outside of school.
Easily move beyond alerts and notifications into meaningful two-way engagement

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These 5 strategies are inspired by Dr. Steve Constantino. Leader, teacher, author and entrepreneur Dr. Steve Constantino has a long and distinguished career in leadership and bringing innovation to educational and business organizations. Dr. Constantino has held numerous leadership positions at all levels of organizations, including being the CEO of his own start-up and presently as a school district superintendent. Dr. Constantino is internationally recognized for his work in family engagement. He developed the “Five Simple Principles to Engage Every Family” as a way to help every school harness the power of family engagement as a direct conduit to student achievement.