5 Easy Ways to Improve Parent Communication in 2015

1. Share Your Principles:  Parents love getting to know their principal and understanding the school’s mission and objectives. Good leadership builds trust with families and creates advocates at home and in the community. Principals can do this by sending personalized communication out to parents, sharing ideas, student and teacher accomplishments and success stories.  Try branding your communication with something personal, for example “Mr. B’s Weekly Digest” or “Principal Kim’s Top Ten”.

2. Collaborate:  Good communication between parents and schools leads to collaboration and in turn supports student success. Keep parents in the loop by sending messages from a single platform that reaches them via mobile, web or voice. Increase participation by enabling parents to share feedback and make comments. And finally, get parents involved by offering simple online ways to sign up to bring items, volunteer, contribute money and interact in committees.

3. Streamline: School-to-parent communication is often fragmented across different staff members and comes in forms like take-home folders, email blasts or a school website. For example, teachers may be using email to send messages while the PTA is sharing over Facebook and all along the school office is sending announcements through a web portal. These ad hoc methods are time draining and confusing for parents. Instead, you can streamline communication with a unified platform that all staff members use to reach parents, thereby becoming a trusted source for parental information.

4. Be Consistent:Set expectations with parents by providing regular outreach and updates. Consistent communication from both teachers and schools shows parents the important role they play as a partner in supporting their child at school. Parents should receive weekly updates from teachers engaging them about key topics, classroom lessons and events.

5. Drive Results: One of the first steps toward improving parental communication is being able to track and measure your school’s progress. Are you reaching every parent?  Are they interacting with your messages?  Are they getting more involved?  Do you know how each class is communicating? Ensure you have a good analytics tool to give you metrics for taking well-informed steps toward improving communication.

ParentSquare is an easy everyday communication platform for you and all your teachers and staff to communicate with parents.  ParentSquare take care of notification to all parents at your school, allows parents to participate and enables you to drive measurable results.

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Cheers to a more pleasant and productive 2015 with parents!

The ParentSquare Team