May Releases: Updated Volunteer Reports, Extended Invoices & More!

The school year may be coming to an end, but here at ParentSquare we are working hard to make sure our platform continues to grow & improve! Here’s what we released in May:

Updated Volunteer Hours Report with Graphs and Exports

  • There’s no longer a need to reach out to ParentSquare support if you’d like an in-depth report of volunteer hours. School and District Admin can now view and download detailed volunteer hours report straight from the portal!

  • See who your top volunteers are — both for the month and year-round! Get a breakdown of Hours By Activity and By User.

  • Customize the list of Activities for your school!


Invoice Payments Continue (Even After Students Leave the District)

  • Do you have students who leave the school, but still owe money? Maybe unpaid installments, lunch balances or overdue textbooks? It’s no longer a lost cause! Invoices and payments can now be made through ParentSquare, even for those who have left the district.

Updated activity

  • It’s now easier than ever to stay up-to-date as parents fill out forms and submit payments. Rather always having to check the original post, admin and teacher news feed activity now shows updates on Payments and Form Signatures.

Post-Admin Visibility

image (8).png
  • Have different people as post admins, other school members that need to be notified any time a user comments or signs ups? You can designate them as Post Admins and easily see who is an admin on what posts - admins will now show up in the post’s sidebar!

Keeping up with the App