Secure Doc Delivery - Save Time, Money & Paper!


The ParentSquare team is excited to announce Secure Document Delivery! Through this new feature, schools can electronically deliver report cards, progress reports, and other important documents directly to parents.

Read below to learn about the features available with Secure Document Delivery and the benefits of Secure Document Delivery versus the traditional system of paper document delivery.


Why switch from paper to electronic delivery? The advantages are numerous:

  • Schools can save thousands of dollars by skipping the costly process of printing and mailing documents manually

  • Staff members do not need to waste time stuffing and mailing envelopes

  • Needless paper waste can be eliminated

Features Unique to ParentSquare

ParentSquare’s Secure Document Delivery offers specific features that no other technology can provide. With our system, schools can:

  • Include variable document lengths in the master file

  • Option to create your own templates

  • Alert parents via email, text or app notification - reaching parents in their preferred modality

  • Attach pre-written or customized messages to documents that can be translated into 100+ languages

  • Generate separate PDF files of documents that can be delivered manually to parents who are unable to receive the electronic delivery

How It Works

Sending student-specific documents is a simple and painless process with ParentSquare’s Secure Document Delivery.

Administrators simply:

  1. Customize their own templates, or let the ParentSquare team create them.

  2. Upload a master file of student documents and then send documents directly with the click of a button.

  3. Add a message to accompany each document.

  4. Send (or schedule) document delivery with the click of a button!

Parents will receive an email, text or app notification and can view their secure documents after entering their password or using Touch or Face ID.


With so many benefits, we are ecstatic to release this feature for the 2019-2020 school year. We hope you are as excited about this new system as we are and that your schools enjoy the time and money saved after switching over from paper delivery!

Check out our Secure Document Delivery video or feature sheet to learn more.