2018: Year in Review


Entrepreneurs are people who change the world, pushing forward ideas that benefit humanity. ParentSquare, along with other new-age school-home connection companies, is doing just that, re-imagining school relationships and bringing about an era of openness and trust.

We have our schools to thank, the true drivers of this innovation, leading education into this incredibly advantageous digital age, elevating happiness through social collaboration both for teachers and for families.

As we plan for 2019 and beyond, let’s reflect on the milestones we reached in 2018.


ParentSquare Is Growing

Many, many, many thanks. Over 1M users, in more than 1,500 districts and schools, from 35 states are now part of the ParentSquare family.

Our company is growing as well to ensure we are equipped to match the exciting growth of our platform, and as such, we are moving to a new office in our neighboring city of Goleta. You’ll be able to get to know all of us with our new 'Meet The Team' series on our blog beginning this January.


Product Improvements

This year we endeavored to achieve bold objectives - building new products and redesigning existing ones - to enable you to deliver streamlined, enjoyable experiences for your staff, students and parents at scale. Here's a glance at a few big features we released this year:


Happy Customers

Being customer-centric is who we are on a DNA level - customer focus is a priority not just for our Customer Success Team but across all our teams. This year we instituted some key changes making customer success interaction more human and caring.

  • Keyword of the month: From Proactive to First-Touch Resolution

  • Extended support hours: 6am to 9pm PST and weekend support

  • More channels: Text support along with extended Chat hours

  • New self-help pages: for mobile apps and in Spanish

  • Training certification modules: 30 minute modules to learn PS.


Fresh Content

Need some inspiration? We’ve been posting articles with best practices, tips and actionable steps schools can take to cultivate a stronger and safer school community. Here’s some of the content you loved most:


What's Next

As we progress into 2019, we look forward to implementing new features, strengthening current ones, and providing stellar content to help navigate you through incorporating parent engagement efforts at your schools. 

Here’s a couple things to look forward to in 2019:

  • Grow Great Kids Series Launch with Mr. B with Part 1 focused on SEL

  • Month-by-month progress reports in Data Dashboard to help you visualize

  • In-built video support for sharing and viewing videos easily

  • Gamification elements in StudentSquare to increase and retain adoption

  • Shared accounts with teacher/ admin/ parent/ family under one account

  • Numerous other much asked for improvements - Mobile Platforms with all features, Newsletter Templates, Flexible Recipient List Build, Translation Workflows, Notification Preferences, and more 

As you approach the new year with hope, excitement and optimism, take some time to set some goals. Here are my new year resolutions and inspirations: 

Work Resolution: For my holiday travel read I picked up “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor, and for sure, happiness tops the list of work resolutions :)

Personal Resolution: At my high school’s 25th-year reunion this month, socially-active friends were the easiest to connect with, so posts at least once per month!

Family Resolution: This had to do something with tech usage :) I got our family to agree to five minutes of Ted-Talk for each hour of Tech!

Have a hearty laugh and welcome 2019. May it be your happiest! 

With best wishes from Santa Barbara, CA
Founder, ParentSquare