App Update: Bug Fixes & User Experience Improvements!

We’ve improved our app’s organization! You can still do everything you could in the old app - we’ve just redesigned our navigation for ease of use, quick access, and enhanced usability - and we’re so excited to share these with you! These changes include:

  • New “Media” section

BlogUIMedia at 4.21.48 PM.png
  • More convenient messaging

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 4.41.15 PM.png
  • New space dedicated for polls

BlogUIPolls at 4.10.32 PM.png
  • Specialized left side bar menu

BlogUILeftSideBarMenu at 4.04.58 PM.png
  • Can’t find what you are looking for? Here’s a list of what has been moved:

    • Messages: Used to be in the Home screen → Now it has its own button on bottom strip

    • School Directory & Links: Left side bar menu → Under “More”

    • Photos → “More”

    • Files → “More”

    • Tasks → “More”

These organizational changes were made in preparation to bring all the features and power of our platform to our app. While our app is already almost full-featured for parents, these changes will benefit teachers and admins - so that everyone can use any feature of PS from the ease and convenience of their hand - where they want and when they want.