ParentSquare Makes Life Easy For Parents And Teachers

Valerie Galindo is a teacher at La Cumbre Junior High School, who has children and step-children in the Santa Barbara Unified School District. Her two youngest children are enrolled in First Presbyterian Preschool, her middle-school child attends Adams School and her eldest is a student at La Cumbre Junior High School. Being the concierge for a blended family of kids, as well as addressing the needs of students in her own classroom looks like a major fete, but Valerie credits much of her success in managing it all to the benefits of the ParentSquare program.

Prior to working with ParentSquare her only way to communicate with her students or the teachers of her own children was with hand-outs, fliers and individual emails or phone messages. Three years ago Mrs. Galindo was introduced to ParentSquare by the Adams school, and later in 2016 La Cumbre Junior High began using ParentSquare. Today all of the schools her children attend, including the preschool at First Presbyterian Church, are all using the ParentSquare communication technology that has become so valuable to teachers and parents.

“This time management tool is priceless to blended families, it is an easy to use program that provides real-time communication for parents on everything from school event coordination, student progress, volunteer data, and social activities instantly,” says Mrs. Galindo. A vitally important help to families using the ParentSquare technology are notifications sent when a student is falling behind in a class, giving parents advance notice to find a solution before the situation leads to a potential failure.

As a busy teacher and mother Mrs. Galindo views ParentSquare as a proven method for creating instant ongoing paperless communication that connects the whole family, including grandparents who are interested in their grandchild’s progress and activities. Not unlike Facebook parents can make comments that only those in their group can see. According to Mrs. Galindo “If grandparents sign up they can see photos of their grandchildren participating in special projects with their classmates.”

For families where both parents are working she considers it to be awesome. Not only does it provide a safe place to share parent comments, but it notifies every person on your list of important events, individual teacher messages, and emergency school alerts.  It saves time communicating needed information at a glance to both husband and wives who are trying to cover all the bases for their school children each day. “I so highly recommend ParentSquare and its positive impact on the relationship between teachers, students and parents using the system,” said Galindo.