Take The Hassle Out Of Parent-Teacher Conferences – Go Digital! 

For many educators, conferences are just around the corner. It can be a stressful time but, with proper planning and organization, you can lay the groundwork for successful parent-teacher relationships. As you begin working hard to schedule and prepare for these conferences, this tip sheet will give you more information about the benefits of switching to using online conference sign ups.

Here are five reasons to go digital.

1) Hassle-free online conference sign ups
The days of mass emails, paper notes, follow-up telephone calls, and clipboard sign ups outside of your classroom are gone. An online conference sign up can be created in under five minutes. With ParentSquare, parents receive an email, a text or an app notification and can sign up for an open conference slot from their smart phone or desktop.

2) Tailor the conference sign ups to fit your schedule
Simply enter the conference dates, times, and time slots. ParentSquare allows you as an educator to add and remove time slots to fit your personal schedule.

3) Parents receive automated reminders
Teachers tell us that reminding parents about their parent-teacher conferences is very time consuming. They have to write notes, make phone calls and send reminder emails. The beauty of online conference sign ups is that parents are automatically reminded the day before their conference. No more manual reminders.

4) Conference Sign Ups for Spanish speaking families
Conference sign up instructions and sign up slots can be translated and posted in English and Spanish. Spanish speaking families can get text notifications in Spanish and sign up for conference slots from their smart phones.

5) Add families manually who have siblings or time constraints
Some families in your class might have other siblings or time constraints when scheduling conferences. ParentSquare gives teachers the ability to manually add parents to certain time slots to accommodate all your families’ scheduling requirements.