Repeating Events and Repeating Volunteer Sign ups

Our number one requested feature is now live on ParentSquare! 

Here are a few of the ways that you can use repeating events and repeat volunteer sign ups:

  • Monthly meetings - staff, site council, parent groups, committees
  • Parent volunteers - classroom help, lunch/playground support, parking lot helpers
  • Assemblies - character counts, spirit rallies, award presentations
  • Clubs - lunch, after school, enrichment

How Repeating Calendar Event Works

Schools have many events that reoccur throughout the year and we want to help make it easy to set up repeating events.

Click the Repeat box to begin on the calendar entry page and follow on screen instructions. Here is a step by step guide from our help pages.

How Repeating Volunteers Works

Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly volunteers, we now have a better way to handle sign-ups for those repeating volunteer requests.

Click on repeat in the volunteer/sign up area on a post and follow the on screen instructions. Here is a step by step guide from our help pages.