Infographic: A K-12 Leader's Checklist for Winning Parent Communication

Kick-off the school year with strong parent communication and engagement practices.  Start by reviewing our short checklist to help assess how well you are communicating with families and tips for improvement.

Inclusive School Environment

☑️ We have created a welcoming school environment that is conveyed by the front office and the positive attitudes of teachers and staff.

☑️ When sending a message to families, my school translates into their primary home language.

☑️ We are reaching parents in their preferred methods such as: text, email, web and mobile app

☑️ We host a variety of school events and meetings to make families feel included and part of the school community.

☑️ We are reaching all families in our communication; and have visibility into the ones we are not reaching so we can update.

Modern Communication

☑️ We can quickly and securely notify parents about urgent and everyday school matters.

☑️ As a school leader, I have visibility into all school-home communication.

☑️ My office can easily manage and maintain our family and staff roster.

☑️ We are data-driven and measure the efforts we put into parent communication & engagement.

☑️ My families have clear and consistent ways of finding information about their child and school.

Parent Engagement

☑️ We offer two-way communication between school & families, creating a collaborative dynamic.

☑️ Teachers send messages, share photos and documents to so parents can have meaningful conversations with their child.

☑️ We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, making it easy to sign-up from a mobile device.

☑️ We empower families to collaborate with each other in committees to support the school.