Summer Success is...


Ice cream, long-walks, laughter and good reading!  With summer in full swing, everyone, young or old deserves some down time. The school year is a rollercoaster ride for everyone: students, parents, teachers and administrators. Working with K-12 educators for so many years, I cannot express how much I admire YOU! The amount of love, dedication and passion devoted to each school year is tremendous and no other industry measures even close. Regrouping and reflecting on the past school year and planning for the opportunities that lie ahead is an important part of the process.  

In a recent business article I learned that purposeful learning - when you devote time each day to read and learn something new - is the fastest way to success. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Oprah claim their successes on their passion for reading.  Ludwig van Beethoven, Charles Darwin and Steve Jobs were fanatic walkers and came up with their most innovative ideas during these walks.  

So this summer, reading and long walks mixed with ice cream and laughter will be the winning recipe for me and my family.  As the old Swedish saying goes "A good laugh prolongs your life".  And the ice cream?  Just because it's so good! :)  Below are a few articles to kick start the journey of purposeful learning, I hope you will join me.

Happy Summer!


Linn Sillers
ParentSquare Inc.