Make A Wish into our Summer Roadmap!

As teachers, you give us a lot to be thankful for - taming the wildness in our little ones, igniting their imagination and creativity as they grow, treating our tweens with patience when we lose it so often, believing in each one of our kids, instilling a love of learning, ... all impacting their life for eternity.

Teacher Appreciation Week is our time to celebrate you!

Make A Wish, And It Will Be Granted :) 

We will be heads down in summer adding polish to ParentSquare and preparing for exciting releases for the new school year. As a gesture of thanks, we would like to invite you to make a wish for anything you would like to see in ParentSquare that we can add to our to-do list for summer.

Submit Your Wish

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new improvements headed your way to smooth your everyday ParentSquare experience.

Improved User Interface
We like to keep ParentSquare looking sharp, so we are working on a new improved look of the same user-friendly interface. Changes will include a prominent place for pictures as everyone loves to see pictures that you post.

Emails Get More Character
Emails will look nicer too. Thumbnails for attached images and files will show up in ParentSquare emails. Voila!

Private Conversations
Private conversations will be available as instant chat. You could use your mobile app to chat on the phone or the web interface on your computer.

Higher Privacy: Private Comments
Comments in ParentSquare will no longer be public by default. We are switching from public comments to private replies so parents can reply and you can answer back privately.

Full Featured Android App
That’s right! The Android App will be a brand new full featured app where you would be able to post messages and pictures, create events and private message.

Payments, They Are Comin' 
This will a big addition to ParentSquare. You will be able to request payments for field trips and after school classes within a post and parents will be able to pay online.

We are excited to hear what other wishes you would like to see. We love and appreciate you!

A big thanks again from our entire team to you,

Anu @ ParentSquare
President and Founder