Create Community Programs and Categories in Groups

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This week's post is about groups. How do you use them? Here's one suggestion and a major improvement. 

My PS Tip - Make a Group for Community Programs

I bet as an admin you get requests all the time to post messages about things going on in your community. One of our schools solved this by creating a public Community Programs Group. This group is open to your school community and anyone can join to receive messages and post a message or not. 

Create a group, name the group Community Programs, make group public and allow group members to post to the group.

Create a post for the Group Charter or Rules and then Pin Post to the top of the group page. This post will remain at the top of the group until you Unpin

Post a message to your entire school community about the new group that you created.

New Feature Improvement - Group Categories

We now have group categories. You can edit existing groups to put them in a category and select a category when creating a new group. The School category is the default for all current groups.

Here are some ideas on Categories:

  • Music and Performing Arts
  • ELAC
  • Clubs
  • Athletics 
  • Forums
  • Special Education

Here is what categories looks like in ParentSquare.