Introducing ParentSquare Translate: Communicate with parents, now in over 100 languages.

Our mission at ParentSquare is to help schools communicate easily and effectively with parents. We encourage our schools to go beyond communication centered around logistics such as back to school night, early dismissals, forms and flyers that need to be completed, absences and late buses. ParentSquare incorporates communication about everyday learning that happens in the classroom, on field trips, on the playground and after school. Working with teachers across a diverse set of schools, we learned that many hesitate to send messages home primarily because they are not able to effectively reach ELL families who do not speak English. Although teachers understand the importance of communication, they do not want to leave any family behind. 

This month, ParentSquare is happy to announce the addition of over a hundred languages to its intelligent content translation capabilities. Now all stakeholders posting a message on ParentSquare can simply check a box to automatically include translated content. 

Here’s How it Works

A school can choose a default second language so that the majority of the second language population does not have to explicitly make that choice. Parents who desire a language different from English or the school’s default second language can select their own language from their accounts page. It’s that easy!! For schools that integrate with ParentSquare via their SIS, parent language setting is automatically picked from the SIS.

We are incredibly excited about multiple languages and what it represents for ParentSquare: another step towards engaging every family and involving every parent.