You are the Expert!

You are the Expert, Share Your Knowledge!  Administrators and teachers have a wealth of information to share with families and your community will appreciate your expertise. Families that feel like they are part of the learning team with their children will be more engaged and support that bridge with school to home student achievement.

Educate Families

As a parent, it can be hard to understand new teaching strategies, assessments and how to support your learner. I see many of our school leaders and teachers share their knowledge and expertise to the home, helping to EDUCATE parents with learning strategies and techniques. Here are a few posts I want to share from our schools. Try an EDUCATE post at your school:

Learning Strategies

In this example, the leader provides information on supporting students in math and educates the parents on helpful things to say and phrases to avoid. This increases the parents confidence and understanding to support their learner at home.

Conversation Starters

Most parents get those one word answers on asking "how was your day at school?" Parents need help and many don't know how to begin a dialogue. This example is from a classroom teacher where "conversation starters" are provided to help guide parents.

Homework Help

Homework may not be the same as it was in the past which sometimes makes parents feel intimidated. I love this example of a teacher providing the math answer key so that parents can feel empowered to have the knowledge they need to support their student learner.