Parent-Teacher Conferences: Schedule conferences in under a minute

Parent-teacher conferences offer a great opportunity to deepen working relationship with parents. Successful conferences require thoughtful preparation on the teachers part. Scheduling conferences to make sure time slots work for all parents has traditionally been one of the more time consuming aspects of conference planning. That is why conference scheduling topped our list of most requested features for ParentSquare. 

We introduced conferences last fall and received lots of positive comments about how easy and helpful it was to create conference sign ups. We are happy to say that since last fall we have improved upon it multi-fold based on your feedback.

  • Teachers can now schedule conferences in under a minute
  • Conference slots and other details can be edited
  • Language translation for conference message can be enabled
  • Conferences can be scheduled in advance or saved as a draft
  • Conferences can include multiple classes and grade levels

Here is How it Works:

1.  Click on Apps > Conference Sign Ups

2.  Select your class, add all conference dates, select start/end time, insert a lunch/class break if needed and conference allocated time

3. Delete any slots you may not be able to attend, click next and post to your class

Edit Time Slots and other Details

Sometimes there is a need to indicate translator spots or add multiple classes for a conference. Here is a quick tip on how to use this feature on conference sign-ups.

1.  On the review screen when you are almost done with your conference post, click 'Edit.' You can also choose to post in the future.

2.  Edit your time slot descriptions to accommodate your needs

3. Edit the two field to add other classes or change to a grade level if needed, i.e., 6th grade for combined conferences