The 4 Pillars of Parent Engagement


Building a strong, empowered community is at the heart of any successful education institution and is transformative in the lives of students, educators and parents. ParentSquare is strengthening the pillars of parental engagement by bringing innovation to school-to-home communication.

1 | Build Parent Trust in your School

 The #1 element of trust and positive relationships is communication. By establishing open communication between schools and families, strong partnerships are forged and trust is built. ParentSquare’s unique two-way communication platform lays the foundation for for a collaborative school climate that spurs dialogue, feedback and participation.

“ParentSquare allows me and my teachers to have instant two-way communication with the entire school creating a community that fosters parent involvement. I have noticed a dramatic increase in parent participation since we starting using ParentSquare two years ago. We love ParentSquare!”
- Amy Alzina, Principal, SBUSD

2 | Share Leadership

Strong leaders empower others to lead. Develop pride and ownership at your school by enabling every stakeholder to partake in the school community. ParentSquare builds a culture of collaboration - at your school, in your classrooms and within your committees and groups - enabling leaders to emerge at every level.

“Our teachers, administrators, room parents, volunteers, coaches, team parents, and club leaders all send messages on ParentSquare. It makes their jobs easier - and - our parents are up-to-date, informed, and able to easily volunteer. Thank you ParentSquare!”
- Mary Lee Wren, Communications Coordinator, Crane Country Day School

3 | Empower Teacher-Parent Relationships

Teachers are the main point of contact for parents. Empower teachers to share their knowledge and expertise with parents to extend and enrich students’ learning at home. With ParentSquare’s intuitive platform, even the least tech-savvy teachers can easily distribute messages regularly, sharing classroom lessons and techniques.

Teachers who were more tentative with technology are stopping by to tell me, “It’s so easy. I can’t believe I ever worried that I wouldn’t be able to use it.”
- Robbie Solomon, Community Representative, Lanai Elementary, LAUSD

4 | Activate Participation

Parents want to take part in their child’s learning but need tools from the school in order to do so. Help parents participate by providing opportunities with a quick poll, seek support for small jobs in the classroom and at school, gather as a family to celebrate together. ParentSquare creates visibility into participation to encouragenew participants and build a stronger community.

“It keeps me informed on how I can make a valuable contribution to my child’s education and give support to the teaching and administrative staff.”
- Chantell Crawley, Parent, BDS High School, Baltimore