Updated Private Messages: Introducing Chat-Like Real Time Messaging

Simplified messaging to connect better with parents

We’re excited to launch the next revision of Private Messages, bringing you the ability to communicate in real-time. Here are the main highlights of this launch.

Send and receive private messages from your iOS or Android App
This launch brings private messaging to your phone app. Easily carry on a conversation via app with one or more parents or staff members, get notified instantly of new messages and include pictures from your phone in the conversation.  

Send private one-to-one messages to multiple users at once
Teachers can now write one message to broadcast privately to multiple parents. If a parent responds to this broadcast message, it immediately becomes a private 1-on-1 conversation with the teacher. 

Communicate in real-time via app or web
Private messaging participants can have chat-like real-time conversations via the app or web. A new message automatically shows up on the 'Messages' tab without the need to refresh the page. New message notifications are also sent via email, text and app notification. 

As always, only staff members and designated parent leaders can start group conversations, parents can only start a private conversation with one staff member or a parent leader, and parents cannot private message other parents. *Schools can override this default behavior to allow direct parent conversations.