Do You Have Contact Information for 100% of Your Families?

Maintaining a clean and current parent contact database is one of the most common challenges a school faces. With families coming and going, and overworked staff, parent data is easily out-of-date or missing, making it practically impossible for schools to keep every family informed and engaged.

The Solution:

ParentSquare introduces a beautiful new Registration App helping schools easily gather and verify all parent data. You can now reach and communicate with 100% of your parent community. Moreover, you will be impressed with the ease of use and the fantastic design.

Here's How It Works:

ParentSquare uses rostering information in the student database (SIS) to populate classes with students and upload all available parent data. The registration app uses this data to give a grade-level and class-wide, at-a-glance view of students with missing or unreachable parent contact info. 

When to Use It:

Schools can have the registration app open on iPads or computers at school all year-round.  Parent conferences, meet-and-greets and back-to-school nights are great opportunities for parents to update their own contact information right on the spot.  Alternatively, parents can simply log-in to the app from anywhere during the school year and update or add their information.


  • Makes it fun and easy for Parents and Educators to update contact information.
  • Extends school reach to 100% of Parent Community .
  • Helps schools build a clean parent data base.
  • Parent information can be exported from ParentSquare in a SIS friendly format.

Start improving your parent data today!

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