Announcing: Analytics Dashboard to Help Schools Measure and Improve Parent Engagement

Each year, schools invest tremendous amounts of time, energy and resources into parental involvement initiatives. It’s clear administrators and educators understand the importance of engaged parents, but driving and measuring results from those investments has been a perennial challenge – until now. ParentSquare, a simple and secure communication platform designed to reach and engage every parent, announces the launch of a new analytics dashboard designed to help administrators see, track and enhance parental engagement. 

The dashboard displays a school’s parental involvement data using intuitive graphs, helping administrators take well-informed steps in nurturing parent and community engagement. Split between a “user dashboard” and “message dashboard,” the platform shows statistics on messages sent and the number of users engaged throughout the academic year. School officials can easily export reports to meet and exceed district, state and federal requirements.

“Metrics enable us to see which messages are resonating with parents and community members,” said Demian Barnett, principal at Peabody Charter School in Santa Barbara, California. “This is a huge step forward for school-home communication because we now have data to measure and drive parent involvement.” 

The ParentSquare analytics dashboard gives administrators access to: 

  • Reach: Schools can see how many users receive messages via email, text or app notification and ensure 100 percent deliverability.
  • Engagement: Administrators can view user engagement with the messages that they send home.
  • Participation: Officials can track how parents are interacting with messages by either appreciating, commenting or signing up to bring items.

“For the first time ever, school leaders can leverage data to make sense out of parental  involvement and take well-informed steps to improve upon it over time,” Anu Vaid, founder and CEO of ParentSquare. “The analytics dashboard is a significant step forward for school-home communication. We’re eliminating the guess-work and uncertainty educators and administrators too often experience when communicating with parents.” 

The analytics dashboard allows administrators and teachers to view per-user data on parent reach and aggregate data on participation and engagement, as well as compare engagement across different grade levels within the school. This helps teachers and administrators make well-informed decisions based on metrics.

To learn more about the analytics dashboard or to schedule a brief demo of the technology, visit 

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