Become a Principal of Change: 3 Steps to a High Performing School

It's an exciting time to be in education. Administration leaders are challenging the status quo and becoming change-agents for
building better schools.

We are honored to bring you the story of a true driver of change, someone who beat the odds and built a top-achieving school. Watch out on-demand Webinar to learn first-hand how a leading Principal turned her low-performing elementary school into a thriving and award-winning  academic institution by implementing three key principles of change.

Who: Amy Alzina, Principal, Adams Elementary TK-6 School
Topic: Become a Principal of Change: 3 Steps to Building a High Performing School

Watch this Webinar to learn how to: 

  • Create a data-informed and outcomes-oriented staff culture
  • Take calculated risks to drive innovation and creativity
  • Build a highly engaged parent-teacher community