A Smarter Way to Inform Parents

9 of 10 schools complain about their parent notification system. Time and time again we hear it's hard to use, out-dated, parents are complaining, the list goes on.

When it comes to reaching your parents with important and timely school information, 
why settle for less?

ParentSquare introduces Smart Alerts, the most intelligent and simple way to inform today's parents.  Check out our short video to see a modern approach that you will love!

What makes Smart Alerts different? Research shows that today's parents are more likely to read a text before listening to a voice message. That's why Smart Alerts initially notifies parents via text, but if delivery fails, Smart Alerts automatically follows-up with a voice message - ensuring the message was delivered and received. 

It's easy to get started: Smart Alerts easily integrates with your schools Student Information System or student database so you can start using Smart Alerts right out of the box. We even create groups for you so you can send messages to your individual grades or classes.  

“I used the Smart Alert voice feature today for the first time and it was perfect. It was easy to use and had zero errors. Such a nice change from our prior, flawed system. Super impressed!”
- Jamie Nelson, Associate Director of Admissions, Marymount School

With Smart Alerts You Can:

  • Reach 100% of parents via fail-over text, voice or email 
  • Notify entire district, school, grade-level or groups
  • Reduce costs and streamline communication

Simple, effective, and happy involved parents. That’s the ParentSquare way :)